Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Butter London Scouse vs OPI DS Magic

Today I have a really special polish to show you. I fell in love with Butter London Scouse as soon as I saw swatches, but I thought I'd never get my hands on it as it's a Dillard's exclusive within the US. I even asked Butter London if I could purchase it from their website but they don't offer shipping to Australia. So I despaired until I spotted this, along with the other supposed US-exclusives on BrandsExclusive! Now it shows up on there and Ozsale regularly.

Scouse is a shimmery blue-purple duochrome filled with blue, purple and pink micro flecks. When it catches the light it's amazingly sparkly! The formula seemed very sheer on the first coat but it had perfect application, and was completely opaque in three coats.

In the bottle, Scouse looks exactly the same as OPI DS Magic. In the photo below DS Magic looks more duochromey but it's just the curve of the bottle. On the nail DS Magic is the tiniest bit darker than Scouse, but only if you're looking really closely. I declare these dupes.

L-R: DS Magic, BL Scouse, DS Magic, BL Scouse

L-R: DS Magic, BL Scouse, DS Magic, BL Scouse
I love the names of all Butter London polishes, they're so uniquely British. According to Urban Dictionary, scouse is a term for "people originating in Liverpool or their accent/dialect." It goes on to say that it can be positive, neutral or derogatory depending on the speaker's prejudices against the city, which seems to be a bit confusing. I've been trying to think of an Australian equivalent, like westie, bogan or yobbo, but they're all derogatory terms. The closest thing I can think of is calling someone an "Aussie", which could mean anything depending on the context! 

I think it's kind of ironic that Butter London is actually an American company (the founder is British). Once you know that it kind of takes away some its charm, doesn't it?

Butter London polishes are available in Australia at selected pharmacies nationwide - you can find some of them on the Lacquerheads of Oz polish stores map. If you know of any more locations, submit them so they can be added to the map!


  1. Great comparison, and I agree! Sally Hansen HD Laser is also a close dupe, and Julep Ivy!

    1. And here I was thinking it was so awesome and unique haha. Looks like there are lots of dupes out there!

  2. both colors are amazing! I love them! <3



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