Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hare Polish Amethystos - Swatches & Review

I've been lemming this polish for so long, I'm so happy to finally own it! Purple (apart from blue) is my favourite colour, and the Amethyst is my birth stone. So clearly Hare Amethystos is meant to be in my collection.

Amethystos is from the Finders Keepers Fall 2012 collection, my favourite Hare collection. It's a combination of silver, pink and gold hex and square glitter, as well as iridescent blue and gold flecks, in a purple jelly base. It has extremely good glitter coverage - a little bit too good, if anything! It's smooth and easy to apply on the first coat but requires 3 coats for opacity. Once you get up to 3 coats, like all glitters, it gets a bit too thick on the nail. I would recommend using undies for this one, although I do like that depth the layers give.

Hare Polish is available from Llarowe and Shoppe Eclecticco with worldwide shipping.


  1. The layers add a TON of depth :). I've worn mine only over undies, so I haven't seen this type of look--it is gorgeous on you!



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