Monday, May 27, 2013

Important: Every Little Polish is moving!

Hi everyone! I have really exciting news - Every Little Polish is undergoing a revamp and taking on a brand new look! 

Now here's the important part: if you're reading this post, you're following the old Blogger version of my blog instead of the new website at Since I moved web hosts and blog platforms, your previous following options may not work anymore. You won't receive any more updates from me, and wouldn't that be a huge shame?

So here are all the most up-to-date following methods for Every Little Polish across the interwebs:

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Thanks for stopping by, reading, and following me. I'll see you on the new layout!
Friday, May 24, 2013

Chanel #583 Taboo Le Vernis: Swatches & Review

Warning: This post is pic-heavy. But it's so worth it.

As a nail polish addict with over 500 bottles, there reaches a stage where you realise that most polishes are dupes of others, and you already have something extremely similar in your stash. It takes something really special to grab your attention and get you truly excited. Chanel #583 Taboo Le Vernis is one such polish.

The colour is impossible to describe accurately. I would sum this up as a galaxy in a bottle. It has a deep red-based purple base, filled with swirling, shimmering, iridescent flecks of red, violet and pink.

This comes in the classic square Chanel nail polish bottle with a matching square cap. The cap is removable, revealing a second, round cap underneath which is very easy to grip and wield the brush with. The brush itself is medium sized - not a wide brush, but definitely not thin by any means. The brush aids application extremely well. This is evidenced by the swatches below, which required no cleanup.

On the nail, the colour transforms to a darker, bluer based purple. The formula was phenomenal - nothing less than what I have come to expect from Chanel. The polish flowed easily but wasn't too runny, and could easily have been a one coater. I used two coats here just to be sure of complete coverage.

This is such a beautiful, vampy colour, and is perfect for winter. It looks like it would be the perfect base for MaxFactor Fantasy Fire, but I think it's lovely enough on its own. It has a slight shift in hue from red to blue from different angles and lighting, and always seems to glow from within.

Taboo is part of Chanel's core line, and will be available in Australia in June for AU$36. You lucky Americans can already get it online from Nordstrom for US$27.

Do you think Taboo is as unique as I think it is? Will you be splurging on it?
Thursday, May 23, 2013

Inspired by Shoes of Prey: Take Three

Welcome to another round of Shoes of Prey inspired nail art! Today I'm inspired by this great colour block wedge. The combination of orange, navy and white is slightly nautical, slightly summery, but definitely trendy and unique! I love that little dash of snakeskin print as well (I'm obsessed with snakeskin right now. It's like a classy version of leopard print).

The crossover design of the strap inspired me to create this fishtail design. I used Butter London Yummy Mummy (click to see my swatch and review) as the base, and Chanel Blue Rebel, Ulta3 Tangerine Tango and Essie Blanc.

What do you think of this fishtail braid design? The actual fishtail accent nail took ages to do, because I had to wait for all the layers to dry in between coats. But the "half-fishtail" on the other fingers was really quick and easy to do. I think it's one of my favourite styles so far!

These shoes are available from Shoes of Prey for $199, with free shipping worldwide. And of course, you can customise the design yourself if you wish.
Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Work Friendly Wednesday: Butter London Yummy Mummy

Butter London produce a range of unique, on-trend and work-friendly colours. Despite the exxy price, they're one of my favourite brands. The names are catchy (like Slapper, Artful Dodger and Fishwife), the rectangular bottles look sleek sitting there in my helmer, and the formula is reliably good.

Yummy Mummy is described by Butter London as a medium beige that is stunning on every skin colour. Well, I can't vouch for every skin colour, but it certainly suits mine! The subtle silver sheen sets it apart from your average neutral creme, and softens it nicely. I would describe this as a weak tea colour.

I used 2 coats here, and although there is a hint of visible nail line in the photos, they're not visible in person.

In Australia, Butter London is available from selected pharmacies nation-wide (check the Lacquerheads of Oz Polish Stores Map for one in your area - and if you know of one that isn't on the map, add it!). They also pop up quite often on Brands Exclusive and Ozsale.

If you're in the UK or US, you can get this from the Butter London website.
Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LUSH Lip Scrubs Review

A couple of weeks ago, winter weather arrived in Australia. While it was still autumn, the temperatures suddenly dropped, winds became cuttingly cold and my skin instantly became dry and flaky. Overnight, my lips became chapped and rough. Every dry bit stuck out and did their best to make my lipstick look terrible.

I tried to exfoliate my lips at home, first by using a toothbrush, then with some sugar and oil. Neither method worked, so it was time to call in the big guns that I'd heard so much about - LUSH lip scrubs. As there isn't  LUSH store near my home or work, I sent my boyfriend on an emergency shopping trip (much to his disgust and horror). He bought both the Bubblegum and Mint Juleps lip scrubs for me.

These lip scrubs are essentially a mixture of castor sugar and jojoba oil, with a bit of flavouring added. Bubblegum smells of sickly-sweet lollies, in a good way. If you don't have as much of a sweet tooth, you may prefer Mint Julips, which smells of after dinner mint chocolates. Both are mouth watering, and make me want to eat the whole pot with a spoon.

There is much more sugar than oil in these scrubs, so they have a fairly dry texture. The tiniest amount is enough to exfoliate my lips completely. I just dab my finger lightly into the pot, and rub it into my lips. Those who are more hygiene-conscious can use a cotton bud to apply instead. While you rub it in, the sugar either falls off or absorbs slightly into the oil. Afterwards, I lick it off and it tastes delicious. I then follow up with a thick layer of lip balm.

After using them daily for a few days, I noticed an immediate improvement in the condition of my lips. I still use them daily, but I vary the amount based on how dry my lips are feeling. Now my lips are smooth and kissable! My boyfriend certainly appreciates the emergency shopping trip to get these now.

Although this is a simple mixture that you can easily make yourself at home for a fraction of the cost, I believe the advantage of these LUSH scrubs is the perfect ratio of sugar to oil. The reason why my original attempt at creating a lip scrub failed was because I was using too much oil. These scrubs just make life easier. Because you only need the tiniest amount each time you use it, one pot will last for ages. You can see that even after daily use for a few weeks I've barely made a dent in them.

LUSH lip scrubs are $9.95 for a 25g pot, available from LUSH stores or online.
Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hare Polish Dauphine of Decadence

Just a quickie today - things have been super busy at work this week and I'm packing my bags for my trip to the Gold Coast. 

This is Hare Polish Dauphine of Decadence, a delicate mix of gold and mint green glitter in a clear base. I absolutely love this polish. I think I might like it even more than Essence Make It Golden, my current favourite gold glitter. 

I've layered it over Butter London Alcopop here. The accent nail is 3 dabbled coats of Dauphine of Decadence on its own, reaching nearly complete opacity.

What do you think of this colour combination? Do you love it as much as I do?
Friday, May 17, 2013

Lilypad Lacquer Lifesavers Collection - Swatches and Review

I know it's coming up to winter in Australia, but there is always room in my heart for a good neon. Today I'm showing you the Lifesavers collection from Lilypad Lacquer, a collection of eye-searing neon jellies.

Because these are jellies, I used 4 coats for all them for as much opacity as possible. There was still some very slight VNL, but they're not especially noticeable in person. I applied each coat thickly and waited a bit longer between layers to avoid dragging. The formula was good when applied this way, and I didn't experience any dragging.

Lemon is a highlighter yellow.

Orange is, well, orange. But what an orange it is!

Strawberry is a neon pink.

Raspberry is a neon magenta. It's very similar to Strawberry, but it leans red while Strawberry is more of a pure pink.

Blueberry is a rich blue. It's not strictly a neon, but it's got the same sort of intense colour.

Lime is a bright lime green.

I definitely recommend this collection to anyone who is after the juiciest, brightest jellies they've ever seen. They're only $10 each from the Lilypad Lacquer etsy store, which I think is great value for the quality. Nicole is always adding new colours to the collection as well, so make sure you check back regularly.

These products were provided for review, which did not affect my opinion. For more information, see Disclosure Policy.


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