Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Manicare Cuticle Therapy Oil Review

I received the Manicare Cuticle Therapy oil recently as part of a free goodie bag during a Priceline promotion. I've been using it for almost two weeks now, and it's found an invaluable place in my hand and nail care regime.

Manicare Cuticle Therapy is a cuticle oil with an "organic formula enriched with natural kernel oil, coconut oil, wheat germ and aloe vera extract to nourish, strengthen and hydrate nails and cuticles". It comes in a standard 12ml nail polish bottle, and you brush the oil onto your cuticles with the brush.

I don't use cuticle oils consistently, because I find them too, well, oily. They tend to get on my fingertips when I rub the oil into my cuticles, making it too messy to touch anything for a while afterwards. However, I find that Cuticle Therapy absorbs really quickly, allowing me to return to work faster.

While it's still a bit too oily for using during the day, I use it during swatching. I use pure acetone to remove my nail polish, and during the swatching process this means my cuticles can get incredibly dry and ragged. I dab a tiny bit of oil onto my cuticles in between swatches, and rub it in. It absorbs quickly enough that my fingers aren't shiny by the time I'm photographing the next swatch, and my cuticles look hydrated and good as new.

I've also been using this overnight as well. So far, the results are good. I haven't noticed any degradation in my cuticles compared to using my usual Lush Lemony Flutter. It has a strong, distinctive citrus scent which takes a bit of getting used to, but it disappears pretty quickly.

After using this multiple times a day for almost two weeks, I've barely made a dent in the amount of oil in the bottle. I can imagine that even with consistent usage, it will last for months.

Manicare Cuticle Therapy has an RRP of of $13.50, and is available from Priceline, Target, K-Mart, Big W and leading pharmacies.


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