Friday, May 24, 2013

Chanel #583 Taboo Le Vernis: Swatches & Review

Warning: This post is pic-heavy. But it's so worth it.

As a nail polish addict with over 500 bottles, there reaches a stage where you realise that most polishes are dupes of others, and you already have something extremely similar in your stash. It takes something really special to grab your attention and get you truly excited. Chanel #583 Taboo Le Vernis is one such polish.

The colour is impossible to describe accurately. I would sum this up as a galaxy in a bottle. It has a deep red-based purple base, filled with swirling, shimmering, iridescent flecks of red, violet and pink.

This comes in the classic square Chanel nail polish bottle with a matching square cap. The cap is removable, revealing a second, round cap underneath which is very easy to grip and wield the brush with. The brush itself is medium sized - not a wide brush, but definitely not thin by any means. The brush aids application extremely well. This is evidenced by the swatches below, which required no cleanup.

On the nail, the colour transforms to a darker, bluer based purple. The formula was phenomenal - nothing less than what I have come to expect from Chanel. The polish flowed easily but wasn't too runny, and could easily have been a one coater. I used two coats here just to be sure of complete coverage.

This is such a beautiful, vampy colour, and is perfect for winter. It looks like it would be the perfect base for MaxFactor Fantasy Fire, but I think it's lovely enough on its own. It has a slight shift in hue from red to blue from different angles and lighting, and always seems to glow from within.

Taboo is part of Chanel's core line, and will be available in Australia in June for AU$36. You lucky Americans can already get it online from Nordstrom for US$27.

Do you think Taboo is as unique as I think it is? Will you be splurging on it?


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