Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Paint it Blue! for Autism Awareness Month: Week 4

As April draws to a close, so does the gorgeous multitude of blue manicures we've seen throughout the month. I know this is a day late and it's actually May now... But I wanted my last blue mani in support of Autism Awareness month to be a memorable one, so I've chosen to combine my three favourite things - a gradient, flakies, and matte top coat.

I used a base colour of Estee Lauder Blue Blood. In the bottle it's a gorgeous midnight blue with a deep shimmer, but on the nail it basically looks black. The flakies are Nfu Oh 53, the prettiest flakie polish I ever did see. Isn't the bright blue shimmer under the matte top coat beautiful?

I love blue so much, I even dyed my hair!


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