Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Pretty Serious!

Today is the first birthday of our beloved home grown Aussie indie brand Pretty Serious! The company has grown in leaps and bounds within the short space of a year. It's become a cult brand the world over, recently being featured in New York Fashion Week and the Lust Have It Eco Box. Pretty Serious is now so successful that Kaz, the owner, was able to quit her day job and run it full time - now if that's not every polish addict's dream, I don't know what is!

To celebrate, Pretty Serious fans are painting the town with multi-coloured glitter with the release of Daphne's Birthday Party. Daphne is the brand mascot, and features on every Pretty Serious polish box. Apparently she's a bit of a party girl too, because she always makes an effort to dress in theme for different collections. Here's a couple of the variations we've seen so far:

Daphne's Birthday Party is a combination of 5 different coloured glitters of the same size, designed to look like sparkly confetti on your nails. The colours are so bright and cheerful, it looks fantastic layered over anything. I decided to layer it in a gradient over Poltergeist Puddle, one of my favourite Pretty Serious polishes. It can also be worn on its own with full opacity in 3 coats.

You can't help but feel like celebrating with this polish on your tips!

And of course, I had to mattify it. It still looks great!

Daphne's Birthday Party is not limited edition, so you can pick this up any time for $9.95 from the Pretty Serious website.

Join me in saying a big happy birthday to Pretty Serious! I can't wait to see what they have planned for the future.


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