Saturday, May 11, 2013

Inspired by Shoes of Prey: Take Two

After my last "Inspired by Shoes of Prey" post, I was approached by Shoes of Prey to do a few more inspired-by manis. Today's one is based on this amazing pair of glittery red pumps.

I could have been really lazy and just done a full mani of Essie Ruby Slippers/China Glaze Ruby Pumps... But I know I wouldn't have gotten away with that! So here is my striped nail art interpretation, using OPI Red, OPI Matte Top Coat and Butter London Chancer.

I spent way too long thinking about this - OPI Red is the actual name of the polish. So do I go with my usual format of "brand, name" like OPI Keys to my Karma, which would result in OPI OPI Red? Or just OPI Red? What a dilemma!

These shoes are $199 including shipping from Shoes of Prey, and you can even customise it. I really like this black version with red trim - like reverse Louboutins!

Stay tuned for another Shoes of Prey inspired mani coming up!

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