Sunday, November 11, 2012

Emily de Molly Blue Moon + Essence Hard to Resist

I'm ashamed to say that I only recently made my first Emily de Molly order... Great Aussie indie polish supporter I am, right? But now that they've arrived, I'm totally hooked. I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on a special polish called Blue Moon, made exclusively for the members of an Aussie nail polish addicts group.

As you may or may not know, Lynns are very difficult to come by in Australia, because she doesn't ship internationally from her ebay store. Hayley from Emily de Molly was kind enough to create an alternative to When the Moon was a Star for us, and dare I say... I actually like her version better. Blasphemy! Lynn dupe aside, this is actually a gorgeous polish. It has bright blue multi-sized hex glitters, small light blue and purple holo glitters, and holo moons and stars in a clear base. It applies smoothly and dries only slightly bumpy, and the moons and stars were easy to get on the nail. This is one coat over Essence Hard to Resist.

The blue of this was difficult to capture in photographs - it's actually a lighter, more saturated blue. Once I get my lightbox fixed and my good camera up and running, I'll update these photos.

The undies deserve a special mention. Essence Hard to Resist is the most gorgeous navy blue I've ever used. It's a one coater with a lit-from-within shimmer, and it only cost me a couple of dollars as well. If you see this in stores, buy it immediately. You won't regret it.

Emily de Molly polishes are available from her etsy store, and for international ladies they'll soon be available from Llarowe. Essence is available from Target and Priceline.


  1. I agree - that Essence is a keeper)),but I don't have any of Hayley's polishes (yet)! This one looks gorgeous!

    1. Get on it girl, her polishes are amazing! You should order Blue Moon before she runs out :)

  2. I love your combo, that dark blue is the perfect base for Blue Moon! I can't wait to use mine, I've been trying to be good and get my study done, but I think I might have to do my nails tonight!

    1. Thanks! I know how hard it is to try and not be distracted by polish, I actually went with naked nails for 2 weeks while trying to get my graduation project finished. I say you deserve a little break from studying to do your nails, otherwise you'll go insane :p



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