Thursday, November 29, 2012

Colour by TBN Passion and Peri Winkle

I'm sick today and my nose is all blocked up... Perfect for swatching cheap, toxic-smelling polishes! Colour by TBN is a brand I've only seen in Terry White chemists. They're apparently made by the same brand that produces Designer Brands cosmetics, another "drugstore" brand (I use the quotation marks because they aren't called drugstores in Australia). They have a wide variety of colours available, and today I swatched two of them.

Passion is a purple with silver shimmery flecks. It's actually quite pretty and the formula is pretty good for a cheap polish. I didn't experience any gloopiness or dragging, and it's smooth and opaque in 3 coats. I used a top coat for this swatch.



Indoors, Natural Light

Peri Winkle is a pale greyish periwinkle colour. It started off with a watery jelly consistency, but evened out to be opaque in 3 coats. I do like that glossy, squishy look. I used a top coat for this swatch. Sorry about the sparkle on my index finger - some of the sparkle from Passion came off in the top coat and I accidentally applied it to this swatch. There is definitely no sparkle in Peri Winkle!


Indoors, Natural Light
These only cost about $2.50 each from Terry White chemist. They smell awful and probably have all sorts of toxic carcinogenic chemicals in them, but they're pretty good value and the colours are nice.


  1. I agree that the smell is pretty suspect. Haha. But the formula always seems quite good, consistency wise. I believe they're $2.50, at least in Adelaide. Thanks for the swatches.

    1. $2.50 sounds about right, thanks! I'll update my post :)



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