Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome! Cult Nails Annalicious & Candeo Sprouse

Welcome to my nail polish blog! I'm Rose and I'm a nail polish addict from Sydney, Australia. This is the virtual equivalent of sticking my nails in my friends' faces and insisting on showing them every new polish I get. I figured I have a pretty big collection now and I love to share the joy of nail polish, so hopefully this blog will allow me to do that! I aim to show a variety of Australian, international, cheap, expensive, indie and well known brands - if it's nail polish, I'll wear it :)

I also started this blog as a way to distract myself from doing uni work. I'm expecting it to fulfill that goal easily!

To kick things off, here is my nail mail from Llarowe which arrived today:

Candeo Divebomb, Candeo Joker, Candeo Sprouse, CrowsToes Gomez
I couldn't resist putting Sprouse straight over the top of what I was already wearing. Cult Nails Annalicious is a vibrant orange-based red with gold and red shimmer. The formula is fantastic, probably one of the easiest to apply polishes I've ever used.

Candeo Sprouse is like CtD, but cooler! It's packed with matte black and white bar and hex glitter of different sizes, with a fine holographic shimmer and a smattering of blue holo glitter. Unfortunately I'm not good enough with the camera yet to capture that amazing sparkle from both of these polishes, but trust me, it's crazy in real life! Next time I might try it over something that makes the blue pop a bit more, like a grey or something.

I really like the Candeo brushes, they're thick and flat, but not as wide as the OPI brushes which are way too wide for my pinkies. I had no problems with getting the glitter on the brush. This is 1 coat of Sprouse over 3 coats of Annalicious.

Cult Nails Annalicious is available directly from It's $10 and limited edition.

I bought Candeo Sprouse from Llarowe for $12. Shipping is reasonably priced and tracked (bonus!). Subscribe to Llarowe's facebook page for updates on when it will be restocked.

Thanks for reading my first blog post! Feel free to share the nail polish love in the comments :)


  1. Love it! Following your blog now and looking forward to more nail polish pictures and reviews.

    I absolutely love nail polish, but I can never seem to get them as perfect looking as many nail polish bloggers!

    1. Thanks! I know exactly what you mean about getting them looking good, you should see my other hand - it's insanely messy! But I guess practice makes perfect :)



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