Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Interview Mani

I hope all you Aussies are doing ok! We had a 43°C heatwave yesterday. The Bureau of Meteorology even had to add new colours to the temperature range chart going up to 54°C (that's 129°F for you Americans)! There's some pretty huge bushfires sweeping the country as well so I hope you're all staying safe.

We don't have air conditioning at home so I lay on the floor all day long trying to keep cool. You know when you open the oven door and a blast of hot air cooks your face? Walking outside was like that. Unfortunately I had a job interview in the afternoon so I had to squeeze myself into long pants and closed flats without passing out from the heat.

For my nails, I went with Butter London Posh Bird, a sophisticated taupey mushroom colour with a silver shimmer. It's like a toned down silver, which worked well for the outfit I was wearing. It has a great formula, easy to apply and is opaque in 2 coats.

The interview was for a small beauty e-commerce business so I decided to get a little creative with my mani by doing a dotted accent nail using China Glaze First Mate. I didn't wait long enough before applying top coat so it smudged, but it's only obvious really close up.

It must have worked, because I got the job! I celebrated by lying on the couch all night with a pack of frozen peas on my forehead.



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