Wednesday, January 16, 2013

OPI Diva of Geneva - Swatch and Review

Since starting my new job I've realised that my wardrobe is seriously lacking in some essential items. I did a huge cull over the weekend, and got rid of pretty much everything that doesn't fit anymore (and those that never did in the first place), is too difficult to match with anything or is disastrously out of fashion. It was such a great feeling of relief to have all that empty wardrobe space and not have to worry about trying to work those clothes into outfits. I've been shopping a lot to fill in the gaps, but this time I'm taking extra care with what I buy. I'm starting with essentials and timeless/classic pieces like skirts and cardigans, so even though it's expensive at least I will definitely get lots of wear out of these clothes, as opposed to buying something on sale and trying to make it work when it clearly doesn't fit or match with anything else I own. If you feel the same way, I highly recommend a wardrobe cull.

Through this process I've become more conscious of my outfits, and how I accessorise them. As a result, I've been putting more thought into the nail polish I choose to wear. I used to get completely overwhelmed with the sheer number of untrieds I had to get through, but matching with outfits definitely helps the decision-making process.

Today I wore OPI Diva of Geneva to match with a pair of purple jeans. Diva of Geneva is a red-based purple with a gorgeous shimmer. The shimmer is gold and glows strongly in the sun. This is 3 coats.

Indoors, natural light
Do you match your nail polish to your outfits?


  1. OMG, what a gorgeous color. Love it!

  2. I love this one! Truly gorgeous. I don't typically match my nails to my outfit, but I do match my outfit to my nails. I polish at night so the next morning I'll compare my polish to my closet and figure out what works with it.



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