Monday, December 10, 2012

Aussie Nails Monday - Delicate

Today's Aussie Nails Monday theme is Delicate. I chose to do a subtle gradient (possibly a little too subtle!) using two of the most delicate polishes I own - OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It and Cult Nails Princess. First I applied five coats of It's Totally Fort Worth It. Yes, five! And I still had VNL! Then I sponged it in a gradient with Princess over the top.

I totally didn't notice this at the time, but these two polishes have the same delicate pink shimmer running through them. You can sort of see it in this super underexposed photo - isn't it pretty?

Here are the other girls participating in Aussie Nails Monday:


  1. Wow you have lots of patience, I think I would have given up at 3 coats lol :) End result is very pretty though :) By the way, I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award, you can see details here: Suey xox



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