Sunday, April 28, 2013

Disney Princess Challenge: Belle

This week's Disney Princess theme is Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. Did you know that Beauty and the Beast was one of the first Disney movies to use CGI extensively? It's particularly noticeable in the ballroom scene, where the entire ballroom is a 3D environment instead of the beautiful hand painted backgrounds that appear throughout the rest of the film.

Did you also know that the animators ran out time during production, so they traced over the dance from the end of Sleeping Beauty? Here's a video showing the two side by side:

I was inspired by Belle's gorgeous yellow dress and the enchanted rose. I haven't tried roses before so I just did a basic one. It was surprisingly easy so I might attempt this again sometime with a proper magical rose.

I'm a day late with this so I had a chance to peek at the other girls' designs before posting this. If you only take a look at one other design, it has to be Lab Muffin's. How amazing is that stained glass rose? Also, her commentary is hilarious.

Check out the other girls who are taking part in the Disney Princess Challenge: 


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