Friday, April 26, 2013

Project Pan Empties 1 - 10

In an effort to free up space in my very limited bathroom for more cosmetics, I've been undertaking a Project Pan. Basically, you don't buy anything until you've used up, or "hit the pan", of a certain number of products. The no-buy aspect failed pretty dramatically within the first few days of my attempt, so I'm just doing it to use up all the products that are lying around.

Here are the first ten products that I've used up:

1. Lomasi Body Creme

The packaging and the consistency of this cream reminds me of Sohum, who make my favourite body lotions ever. It's light and absorbs easily into the skin. This ginger lime scent smells like dishwashing liquid - fresh, but too artificial for my liking.

2. evo The Great Hydrator Hair Mask

This was really difficult to get out of the tube, so I hope the full size product doesn't have this problem. It has a strange, slightly waxy consistency, but my hair felt great afterwards.

3. Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair hair mask

The instructions say to leave it on for 60 seconds but I used it as a replacement for my conditioner. It smells amazing, like honey and vanilla with licorice undertones.

4. Batiste Wild Dry Shampoo - HG

I can't live without this, because I’m often too busy or too lazy to wash my hair during the week as often as I should. It also helps to add volume.

5. Klorane Dry Shampoo

This is a more expensive brand of dry shampoo. It feels finer and leaves less residue than Batiste but for the price I'm just going to stick with Batiste. The handbag-friendly size was really handy.

6. Ocean Essences Strawberry Rose Rubber Face Mask

This was really easy to use and apply. The instructions say to apply it thickly, which makes it easy to remove afterwards due to the rubber consistency. It's much cleaner than LUSH face masks which take ages to scrub off and get bits everywhere, and my face felt really clean afterwards.

7. Lush Angels on Bare Skin sample

I used to use this regularly, it smells heavenly and is gentle but effective. But it requires mushing up with water and in the morning when I'm late for work, I don't have time for that.

8. Lush Lemony Flutter #1 - HG

I’ve mentioned Lemony Flutter as my first choice of cuticle butter in my “10 things” post. I have multiple tubs of this that I keep in my handbag, car and bedside table, so this is just one that I’ve used up. I’ve been going at this for almost a year so it’s good to finally finish it, the consistency and smell was getting a bit funky.

9. Buddha Bum Lavender Soy Candle

I prefer soy candles like this one because they last for ages, but don't smoke as much (even though it doesn't look it from the jar). This brand is Australian and the jars are really big, so they're useful for reusing afterwards.

10. Boulangerie Candle - Sweet Vanilla and Cinnamon

I bought this from Anthropologie, but it gets used up pretty fast. My boyfriend found the scent way too sweet and overpowering, but I love it. It lingers faintly for ages and smells divine, and it’s great at covering up the smell of dirty socks that my boyfriend leaves everywhere. The lid has a seal and I like the little cracks in the jar so I’ll be reusing it. Will definitely repurchase.

Phew! These first ten took me so long to use up, but now I think I'm in the groove of using products consistently to use them up, so hopefully the next ten will be faster.

Have you ever done a Project Pan? How did you find it?


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