Monday, April 1, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday: Inspired by Clothing

Today's Aussie Nails Monday theme is Inspired by Clothing. I chose one of my favourite tops by Bettina Liano. It's a sheer tank top with a purple, black and white print and charcoal square bead embellishments around the neckline.

To mimic the pattern I did a splatter design using black, white and b by Bloom New York. The purple doesn't stand out very much so next time I might use white as the base. Jen from The Nail Polish Project actually did a similar design a few days ago with a white base and it looks great!

I used a tiny funnel that I usually use for frankening, but it was quite difficult to get the distance and aim right with such a short length. Most of the polish ended up on my fingers or on the table! Next time I'll probably use a small juice popper or Up & Go straw.

This is my first time doing rhinestone placement and it's quite tricky, at least with the ones I used! I bought these from the craft section of Spotlight because I didn't have time to order proper nail art ones from ebay. They're self-adhesive so that might have contributed to them being really difficult to pick up and place on the nail. I also don't like the bumpy feeling of them so I end up picking them off. Needless to say, this mani came off pretty quickly.

Here are the other girls participating in Aussie Nails Monday:


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