Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lilypad Lacquer Swatches and Review

Last month I was lucky enough to receive some nail polishes from new indie brand Lilypad Lacquer for my birthday. Nicole, the creator, must have read on my birthday group bio that I love duochromes, because these are some of the most gorgeous duochromes I've ever seen! Apparently these pigments are from an Australian company, so it's great to know that everything is locally sourced (as you may know from previous posts I am a strong supporter of local Aussie business).

Sapphire Special is full of blue-purple colour shifting flecks in a smoky dark base. It only needs two coats for complete coverage which I love, because of most colour shifting polishes are quite sheer. Perfect formula too, smooth as butter and quick drying. This is two coats with top coat.

Emerald Facets is the same dark smoky base with slightly larger gold-green-blue colour shifting flakes. This is also just two coats.

Even though it's so beautiful and unique, I have a dupe for this - Butter London Jack the Lad. I prefer Nicole's formula though because it only needs two coats, whereas BL needs three. With an Australian RRP of $20, the BL is also double the price! So I would definitely choose Emerald Facets.

Index and Ring fingers: Butter London Jack the Lad, Middle and pinky fingers: Lilypad Lacquer Emerald Facets

Golden Rubies has that same dark base with purple-maroon-gold colour shifting flecks. This is two coats with top coat.

I thought it looked quite similar to Sportsgirl Volcanic Sparks, but it's much more purple toned, as you can see in the photo below. Again, I prefer the Lilypad Lacquer formula with only two coats vs three for the Sportsgirl.

Index and Ring fingers: Sportsgirl Volcanic Sparks, Middle and pinky fingers: Lilypad Lacquer Golden Rubies

Tanzanite Truffle is a pink-purple colour shifting shimmer. This needed 4 coats for opacity, but it's very pretty on its own.

I layered this over black and it's definitely a layering polish. Look at that oomph of colour!

Lilypad Lacquer will be launching officially at the end of April, and Nicole has a bunch of really gorgeous colours in the works. She will be releasing a large range of glittermix polishes, holographic and chameleon/colour change polishes and fluros, some in limited numbers due to the rarity of the unique pigments she sources.

The bottle sizes that will be available are 8ml at $7.50 and 14ml at $11. If you can't wait for her shop to open, you can purchase from her directly by emailing

She also does custom orders with quick turnaround! I've seen a couple of her customs and she does a great job.


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