Saturday, March 30, 2013

Alanna Renee Magical World Collection Preview

If you have any interest in indie nail polish at all, no doubt you've heard about Alanna Renee. This Aussie indie brand burst onto the scene in January this year, and is the baby of Alanna from Pretty Purple Polish. I've reviewed a couple of the polishes from her debut collection here.

Alanna's been dropping a few hints and sneak peeks over the last week or so of her new Magical World collection, based on - you guessed it - Harry Potter! Apart from nail polish and Pokemon, Harry Potter is my other massive obsession. So words cannot describe how excited I am to share this preview with you!

HEDWIG is a white, yellow, brown and black glitter in a white base.

PATRONUS is a silvery white shimmer with blue flecks.

DRAUGHT OF PEACE is a turquoise creme with silver glitter.

CHOCOLATE FROG is a blue jelly with gold and brown glitter.

AVADA KEDAVRA is a bright green jelly with white glitter.

DRINK OF DESPAIR is an emerald green glitter in a green jelly base.

HORCRUX is a black creme with green flakes that shift to red and blue.

DEMENTOR is a black creme with silver glitter.

FAWKES is a red and gold glitter in a red base.

STUPEFY is a bright red jelly with white glitter.

BUTTERBEER is an orange creme with white glitter.

GOLDEN SNITCH is a gold and silver glitter in a clear base.

The Magical World collection will be available on 1st April from, at $7.99 each. 


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