Saturday, March 16, 2013

Disney Princess Challenge: Jasmine

I'm taking part in another nail art challenge! I love these challenges because they're fun and motivate me to try new things. Sometimes I have trouble with inspiration so these definitely help. It's also exciting to see the designs the other girls come up with on reveal day!

This one is the Disney Princess Nail Art Challenge, put together by Bec from Lacquer Dreams. As a diehard Disney fan, of course I have to take part in this! There was a lot of debate over who the official Disney Princesses are, and why some are included and some aren't (and why everyone is in a pretty poofy dress except for the ethnic girls!), but this is what we will be doing every Saturday for the next 2 months:

Today's theme is Jasmine from Aladdin. I had a set of Disney towels when I was younger (I may or may not still own said towels...) and Jasmine was my favourite. I think it might have been because I related most to her, with her long black hair - kind of in the same way that I preferred the Lion King 2 over the original because the protagonist was a girl. I have no idea why I didn't relate more to Mulan because she's Chinese. I guess I just liked the romance of owning a pet tiger and riding on a flying carpet with a man who's just stumbled across a huge stash of money, rather than pretending to be a man and fighting Mongolians.

I chose to do a taped chevron inspired by her headband. The blue is Sportsgirl Lagoon. I did the accent nail with one coat of Essie Shine of the Times, and OPI Goldeneye sponged in a gradient over the top. I really love the luxe, antique look of these gold flecks, after doing a similar look here.

Check out the other girls who are taking part in the Disney Princess Challenge: 


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