Saturday, March 30, 2013

Disney Princess Challenge: Mulan

This week's theme for the Disney Princess Challenge is Mulan. I had to rewatch Mulan last night to find inspiration for this theme, and it reminded me of what a great movie this is, especially in comparison to Aladdin! Mulan is the only Disney princess who doesn't hang around waiting for a prince to save her, and all of her actions in the entire movie are done out of love for her family and wanting to prove herself, rather than chasing some man. Disney princesses are widely trashed as terrible role models for young girls, but I think Mulan is an excellent one.

This mani is inspired by the painted clouds in the opening title sequence of the film.

Image Source: Jim Hill Media
 I will start off by saying that this was a fail on pretty much all levels. I started with a base of China Glaze FYI, a neutral tan with a holographic finish. That was the closest colour to parchment that I own, as I'm not really a neutrals person. To try to emulate the watercolour look, I mixed a couple of drops of black polish with some thinner. This actually worked pretty well, but I don't think I added enough black and the end result was very faint on the nail. So I tried to go over some of the lines, which just looked terrible, and then the entire thing smudged when I applied a matte top coat.

Sorry Mulan, I couldn't do you justice! I might have to try again sometime.

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